Friday, March 6, 2015

Salad Takeover

Salad. Its a leafy, crunchy, green food. People say its boring, tasteless, ugly. Others say that if you are eating it then you are just trying to be "healthy". These are the myths of lettuce and salad too! The people that refer to it this way have often had bad past experiences with it. In this post I will give you different options on how you can spice up your lettuce, but first here is some of the nutritional info:
1. Low Calorie (1 serving has 10-25 calories!!!)
2. Helps with weight loss (it contains fiber and cellulose which keep you full longer)
3. Protein (20% of its calories is from protein)
4. Tons of beneficial vitamins (helps to clean to the bad toxins in your body and keep you feeling more awake)

Now if those healthy benefits didn't convince you, some of these salad trick should do it!

Try to add a protein
This will add the perfect taste that you love and it will help you stay full for a longer period of time
ex) -steak
-hard-boiled/fried egg

This is my personal favorite part of a salad because vegetables offer a wide variety of flavors and all of their different colors makes everything look so exciting!
-multicolored tomatos
- string beans

This is where the real flavor aspect comes in; but be careful with which dressing you choose. Many have tons of added sugar and sodium. I like to make my own using olive oil, a little bit of vinegar, pinch of salt/pepper, and some it alien seasoning.

Chicken kebob salad with chickpeas and cucumber/tomato medley
Grilled shrimp salad with crayons and feta cheese
Giant mushroom/red pepper salad with artichokes hearts and a balsamic vinaigrette 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It has been a cold,snowy, and bitter winter for just about everyone (minus the snow in some places). And because it is finally March,which means spring is soon to come, what better time is there to write this blog post?! These are the beach pictures from my most recent trip o Florida (where I wish I was right now!). if you have read my last post then you will know the details of where I stayed in Florida and what I ate. I hope these pictures relax you as much as they do to me! Also, I have big things coming for new blog posts, so make sure you subscribe!t
On the pool terrace at the Diplomat Resort and Spa

Hollywood, Florida public beach

Hollywood, Florida public beach; Boardwalk
Key Largo, Florida; on a boat

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Living Large

     About 3 days a go I got back from a family trip to Florida. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale and drove around to different cities each day. We went to Hollywood, Miami, Key Largo, ect. I ate at so many different restaurants and had some amazing meals! I took so many pictures of both the food and the activities and I will be posting most, if not all, of them! I decided to organize the posts, so here are some of my daily meals (not including dessert ;)). I hope this doesn't make you too hungry!
Yogurt Parfat: vanilla yogurt, craison/nut-granola, fresh berries

Mahi Mahi Salad: grilled mahi mahi, lettuce, veggies, croutons, balsamic dressing

Tacos: mild lean meat, coleslaw, tortilla chips

Baked Penne: penne pasta, red sauce, cheese (tons), meatballs

Cobb Salad: lettuce, avacado,chickpeas,veggies,grilled chicken, balsamic dressing

Skirt Steak: Steak with a lemon sauce, sauteed veggies, broiled lemon potatoes

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Food-A-Holic Award!

I have recently created the Food-A-Holic Award!!! Below I have tagged a few of my favorite food blogs. This award will be passed onto them, and they will then pass them onto others! Here are the rules:
1. It must link back to the creator (, and the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the questions below
3. Your nominees must be informed of their nominations
4. Tag as many bloggers as you would like

1. Favorite meal (obviously)?
         My favorite meal would definitely have to be a well-coked skirt steak with golden browned potatoes and sautéed string beans

2. Favorite food to cook?
       I also have such a great time cooking pizza because there are so many different ways to prepare it!

3.  Favorite type of food?

4. Last thing you ate?
      Fresh chicken breast, kale/cranberry salad, baked sweet potato

5. Sweet or savory?

I Nominate...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beach Vacation Planning

      Whenever I go on vacation I am always the last-minute packer of the family. I'm so busy running around and making sure everyone else is good to go. A couple years ago I was on a trip and realized that I had forgotten tons of stuff! To prevent this from happening again I decided to  write up a checklist. Since writing one, I haven't forgotten (that many) items! This list is for Beach vacations, but you can use it for other trips too! It may not include everything, but its a basic outline of what I like to have with me.