Saturday, February 21, 2015

Living Large

     About 3 days a go I got back from a family trip to Florida. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale and drove around to different cities each day. We went to Hollywood, Miami, Key Largo, ect. I ate at so many different restaurants and had some amazing meals! I took so many pictures of both the food and the activities and I will be posting most, if not all, of them! I decided to organize the posts, so here are some of my daily meals (not including dessert ;)). I hope this doesn't make you too hungry!
Yogurt Parfat: vanilla yogurt, craison/nut-granola, fresh berries

Mahi Mahi Salad: grilled mahi mahi, lettuce, veggies, croutons, balsamic dressing

Tacos: mild lean meat, coleslaw, tortilla chips

Baked Penne: penne pasta, red sauce, cheese (tons), meatballs

Cobb Salad: lettuce, avacado,chickpeas,veggies,grilled chicken, balsamic dressing

Skirt Steak: Steak with a lemon sauce, sauteed veggies, broiled lemon potatoes

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